The London Biodiversity Partnership brings together organisations to benefit wildlife and boost the capital's greenspaces.

Find out about London's wild side - and how helping us could help your organisation.


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Any homeowner (or anyone renting for that matter!) can do their bit to protect and support the wildlife that calls London, our great capital, home. How? Well it starts by just being aware of the wildlife in your area.

Read up on what they need to not just survive, but to thrive. Ensure they have what they need and make others in your community aware also.

If you are carrying out any work on your property, or building a new one, follow all the advice found on this website and elsewhere on how to build consciously with wildlife in mind. Any good builder, party wall surveyor or tradesman worth their salt will have handled projects that needed to take into account even the rarest of wildlife. So always work with professionals who also want to help the wildlife and who's values algin with your own.

Interested in more ways to help? Check out our take action page.