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LBP logoInvasive Non-native Species in London

Invasive non-native species are a major threat to biodiversity. They can also have serious economic impacts and impacts on social, health and amenity resources.

Most of the non-native species in London do not pose a threat to biodiversity and add to the individuality and richness of London's wildlife and heritage.

However, some invasive non-native species are a cause for concern, and already threatening the value of London's natural environment. The highly urbanised nature of London and the anticipated impacts of climate change are likely to exacerbate the effects of invasive non-native species. Finally, London is an international city and has a higher risk of new non-native species appearing and becoming invasive than some other areas.

London Invasive Species Initiative (LISI)

The London Invasive Species Initiative is tackling these threats by prioritising species for London, providing advice, raising awareness and co-ordinating action on the ground.

LISI's Objectives follow the principles of prevention, detection/surveillance and control/eradication of invasive species:

Download the LISI list of Species of Concern in London

For further guidance on invasive non-native species, including management guidance and advice, visit the GB Non-Native Species Secretariat.

Download Managing Invasive Non-Native Plants or visit the Angling Trust's invasive species pages for management advice on invasive species in or near water.

For more information about LISI contact Joanna Heisse at the Environment Agency Joanna.heisse [at] (To prevent spam, we have removed the '@' from all e-mail addresses on this website. To get in touch, simply copy the e-mail and replace '[at]' with '@')