Child watering a snail


- the variety of life on Earth or in a particular habitat or ecosystem.


Horniman Museum, cue building


- the natural home of an animal, plant or other organism.




- a group of living organisms consisting of similar individuals capable of interbreeding.

LBP logoBiodiversity matters

Veteran treeBiodiversity is the variety of life on Earth - it is every living thing and the places where they live.

It provides us with food, resources, sources of inspiration, relaxation and more ...

Yet, across the world, biodiversity is under threat. In London, LBP exists to reverse this trend.

Take action for biodiversity in London    

Whether as an organisation or as an individual, there are many ways to support biodiversity in London.

As an organisation

MeetingCorporate social responsibility is big news. Consider the economic, social and environmental impacts of your activities for the benefit of biodiversity and your bottom line.

As a borough

HouseBringing nature into your borough is good for the financial, social and physical health of your borough and residents.

As an individual

woman standingTake action for London's wildlife - at home, school or work.

Where is London's wildlife?

London is home to a rich mixture of wildlife - from tiny mosses to mighty oaks, from 'cockney' sparrows to urban foxes.

Find out where London's wildlife lives, and let us know what you've found. Your observations help our work.