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acid grassland

acid grassland





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stag beetle


LBP logoAcid Grassland Education Resource Pack

Acid Grassland Information Booklets

Acid Grassland - a nationally important habitat in London Public information booklet

Acid Grassland Conservation in London Best practice guidance on managing Acid Grassland in London

Education and information

Ant Hills Leaflet

Butterfly and day-flying moth tick list

Food web field exercise (suggested field activity)

Green woodpecker colouring-in

Lepidoptera in Bushy and Richmond Park

Which eats what (butterflies)

Wildflower tick list (May-June)

London Borough of Havering Wildlife Partnership Thames Terrace Grasslands leaflet and poster

Thames Terrace Grasslands poster

Thames Terrace Grasslands leaflet

Background info and contacts for LB Havering Wildlife Partnership

London Borough of Richmond Acid Grassland Display

LB Richmond Acid Grassland pop-up display panel

LBP Action plans and audits

LBP Acid Grassland Audit

LBP Acid Grassland HAP

LBP Reptiles SAP

Presentations and notes

Acid Grassland Education Pack presentation text

Acid Grassland presentation TIMED 12 min LOOP

Acid Grassland presentation

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